Friday, 3 June 2011

Hangover 2 actually feels like a hangover

Now admittedly you already have to watch these sort with a pinch of salt, they are all about tongue in cheek, very obvious American humour all of which is out to shock you. Hangover (in the plural) was almost  brilliant because of this shock factor with the outlandish comments making up an almost plausible situation: men do go on bachelor weekend, they do go to Las Vegas, they may well get drunk, they may well get drugged and things may spiral out of control- this was a simple load of events which lead to the aftermath that was, first time round, so surprisingly funny and almost well thought out.

Second time round the story is boring. Boring first of all because everything feels like dejavu. The idea that again they are drugged, again the three main characters manage to ditch the lesser actor from National Treasure (although looking forward to seeing him in National Treasure 3). Again they lose someone. Again they wake up and they are faced with a animal and a baby of sorts- both rolled into one in the form of the monkey. They even include the fact of miss-identity.

The main fault with this film is that it has fundamental errors in the story. First of all why has the geeky, glasses wearing, somewhat ugly dentist managed to be in a position where he is getting married to a wealthy, beautiful women- I mean what does she see in him. Then there is the whole ending when Glasses wearing dude (as I shall call him not remembering or being bothered enough to find his name - it was that bad a film) being accepted by his Thai brides father because he has managed to add flavour to the metaphorical rice that he has been coined as by: getting drunk, getting a tattoo on his face, causing the son of his father-in-law-to- be to nearly bleed to death in an elevator, oh and by having sex with a transvestite.

Prudes beware this is a film that unlike number one shows you just about everything in a way that I found wrong and I am not even a that prudish.

Then there is the fact that the film is trying twice as bad to be funny and not managing it by a long shot. The film therefore becomes twice as racist, sexist, homophobic and generally upsetting to everyone that is not a white middle aged American man. People have told me though that I have looked too much into it, but when you find yourself questioning whether walking out of the cinema screen or face the embarrassment of throwing up and the disgusting parts or falling asleep at the boring asleep (I decided to stay, I had paid to watch it but I wish I hadn't bothered).