Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Green Hornet - Review

Having read many horrific reviews of “The Green Hornet” at the time of its cinema release I decided to wait for DVD and don’t get me wrong I am glad I did. The thing I found with this film is that it was strangely ok.
Although set up a combination of Superbad (or films such as) with the more classical superhero films. I don’t know if this film achieved what it set out to achieve but I must admit from a point of view of someone who rented the film from LOVEFILM and thus didn’t have to pay for it that it was an insubstantially good film. In the sense that it had a few nice points and it wasn’t too serious.
Acting wise the film was good at not selling its souls to the stars (accept of course Seth Rogan). Stars such as Cameron Diaz and Christopher Wiltz could have been utilized through the sheer power of their star power into every single shot of the film but they didn’t. Seth Rogan meanwhile got away with being a slightly muted version of the characters he has played in Knocked Up and

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