Friday, 25 March 2011

Deleted Scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One

First of all watch this: and then read this.

Now one of the questions that puzzled me dearly about the film was where were the Dursley's? Fair enough they did make an appearance of the briefest nature with the three figures getting into the car. Now with the book being split into two films it seems to me incredulous that they couldn't have extended the first film by one or two minutes to allow for the Dursley's to have a proper goodbye.

Not giving them long enough to explain themselves they couldn't even show Dudley because the actor Harry Melling has got so thin that it is no longer possible to tell who he is. Surely though they could have included that scene where Dudley and Harry share a moment, because it was a good moment.

Watching this deleted scene I am shocked that they didn't include it. Fiona Shaw is brilliant and Daniel Radcliffe is almost alright (which is an improvement believe me). This clip would also explain Pertunia's real feelings which is something that needs to be understood for what is to come in the Prince's  tale. Of course this is a sign that in the Prince's tale we won't be seeing much of Pertunia either, it shall instead simply be about Snape, which isn't too bad but still.

Anyway this clip has been uselessly discarded, I can't wait to see what else they've deleted, and I feel I shall be just as angry.

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Chris P. Bacon said...

Wow, that was some deep stuff in that outake. I mean, you never see Aunt Petunia as having real deep emotions in the films.

I agree in that they should've included it, but I don't think that it'll mean that they'll make the Prince's Tale completely about Snape. At least, I hope they don't. It was shocking in the book to find out about Petunia, and I don't think it's fair that they take that away from the film, although they probably don't care about it as much because it doesn't center around Harry, and they think it can be taken out :/


I take it this is one of the deleted scenes that'll be included in the DVD. I'm looking forward to seeing the others too!