Friday, 29 July 2011

The Avengers

Avengers excitement has reached fever pitch with the couple of second preview trailer recently released (I will let you find it on YouTube). Now with the film’s release just about a year away nothing but a few snippets have been giving away mainly because they are still filming but from the few shots that have been given all you really need to know is- Robert Downey Jr.
Now “Ironman” if you haven’t already watched is by far and without a shadow of a doubt (that’s a lie- the doubt being the major amount of political mumbo jumbo about terrorists and what have you) the greatest superhero film to date. Robert Downey Jr manages to  define the word “cool” with his fantasmic  portrayal of one of the more human superheroes (even though I would define him as a half god- he is that cool). I kind of think though it is going to be very easy for Robert Downey Jr's character to eclipse the more silent, brooding superheroes that make up the rest of The AVENGERS- unfortunately I do not care if this happens because I love the dude.
I hope that the producers behind “The Avengers” listen to me when they think about less is more. You see when it comes to trailers the most important thing is to give away just enough to excite but not enough to spoil the actual watching of the film. Of course I am speaking on death ears for this is going to be like every other American blockbuster and it is going to be sold for all its worth- but hopefully it retains some of the flare that “Ironman” and “Ironman 2” had, and doesn’t go the way of... lets call it the “large, green man film” (I think like actors with Macbeth or as they say “The Scottish Play” a great curse will befull anything involved with the “H” word).
Anyway I really cannot wait.

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