Saturday, 30 July 2011

Mr Poppers Penguins

I saw a poster for “Mr Poppins Penguins” today and all I can say is- oh how the mighty fall. It seems that Jim Carrey's career is dead and buried and he himself by signing up to such crap film is simply digging himself a bigger hole.
Now don't get me wrong Jim Carrey can’t exactly be stated as being mighty or ever having been mighty.  In a way he is worse than Marmite because at least half of people “love it” where as Carey should simply be content with being liked in a few specific instances. Those that do like him may well not be annoyed with his okish performances in, for example, “Bruce Almighty” or the “Ace Ventura” films which were admittedly not his worst work (which says a lot about his career).  
Look at the past couple of years meanwhile and it seems that we are now left with Jim Carrey's name being on the strap line filling us with the same amount of certainty about the films credentials as if it was (for example) Jennifer Anniston’s name (this you can take as a reference to “Horrible Bosses”. Ergh!).
All I can say about this new film is it will surely add to Jim Carrey's collection of ever worsening films (I mean have you tried to sit through “Yes Men”?). The fact that this film has penguin’s means I am expecting “Alvin and the Chipmunks” crossed with “Happy Feet” and a splash of normal teeth grindingly, slice my neck open inducing Jim Carrey.   

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