Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Dark Knight Rises- First Thoughts

Having recently watched “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two” for the second time, on this occasion in the BFI IMAX- which coincidently is a must do- I have had opportunity to watch the first trailer for the final film in the DARK KNIGHT trilogy. All I can say is “The Dark Knight Rises” looks interesting.
It must be said that the word “interesting” is in this instance used to convey a polite confusion. I cannot be rude because of Christopher Nolan's past efforts when it comes to de-camping the history of Batman on screen.  Please pause for a moment to remember the tight brief pants Batman and Robin wear in the original tv series of the same title, then glimpse over the rest of the films in the Clooney, Burton, splattered history of the man who dresses up like a bat.
Nolan's films cannot be considered perfect though; no in fact quite the opposite can be said. “Batman Begins” was a troubling affair with the awkwardness of the over mythical and ideological sense of the entire piece. The film though was fair, in the sense that it was plain simple and earnest with a story line that was almost easy to follow.
“The Dark Knight” meanwhile was terrible, a mismatch of a story that was beyound confusing. The length of it made it dull. The fact that Katie Holmes couldn't be bothered to return to play her part as the love interest, Rachel Dawes said a lot. The only truly brilliant thing in the film was Heath Ledger as THE JOKER. Ledger was beyond brilliant and his premature death has given a legendary nature to this role and thus this film.
The problem is now we are left with a film three which cannot be bigger or better than those previous. Coming into the next film we have been left with the love interest having been killed off- so in comes Anne Hathaway who admittedly had her best role in “Princess Diaries”. The best, or should I say worst, villain has already dealt the blow- who can they get to be more menacing or indeed any more of a challenge than the ultimate super villain.

I am interested to see how Nolan manages to covey this shouldn’t but must be film.

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